How to start your session with an independent girl ?

There are different types of girls available for hiring and to fulfill erotic desire with them. But basically we can categorize these girls in independent girls and agency girls. More categories of girls are party escorts, dinner date companionship or corporate meeting partners, etc. Basically independent girls don’t follow any sorts of rules and obligations from any agency while there may be any type of rule and regulation from agency girls. But in all the cases the girl will serve you and you have to pay for her time.

How to start your session with an independent girl

Here we will discuss that how to start your session with hired independent escorts in Mumbai. I am not going to explain how to take off her clothes and other things. The thing I am going to explain here is how to put yourself and your girl at ease so that you can indulge in an encounter easily.

  1. Always try to welcome her at your place with a welcoming smile.
  2. Don’t try to be mysterious otherwise she will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to perform her best.
  3. Never ask stupid questions like why she is in this profession and how much she earns, etc. Don’t waste time in stupid conversation if you don’t hire her overnight.
  4. You can ask about her offered services and demand her some additional activity if you want.
  5. Try to maximize your time with that beautiful angel.

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