Some hidden facts about penis of a man

Eight out of ten guys always want some hardcore actions. They even want to change their sex partner frequently to feel the freshness of having sex the first time with that particular girl. You might be one of them and looking for new methods of spicing up your encounter. But, if you are spending half of your time in worrying about the length and thickness of penis; here are the few facts about your most concerned part of body.

Some hidden facts about penis of a man


  1. Menacing about length in inches is pointless: – If you have feared in mind that your penis is small and cannot satisfy your partner or your hired independent escorts in Mumbai, this is good news for all of you that this is just a misconception. Its average length is 5-6 Inch and it doesn’t matter a lot in satisfaction of your lady.
  2. Guys think about length as well thickness: – A survey proves that 50% of men worried about the length of their penis while 30% of the men care about the thickness of their sexual tool.
  3. Smoking has impact on erection of your penis: – The angel of erection of your sex tool should be more than 100 degree. Science researches and experiments prove that the erection is less for guys who are addicted of chain smoking. They also have the problem during the climax.

So my dear friend, stop worrying about length and thickness of your tool and just concentrate on making your encounter more intimate and passionate.

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