Some stupid questions we should never ask from our escort

People have mixed feeling while dating a paid companionship. Some guys feel nervous while some may feel shy while few of them may be skeptical about their girl and service offered by her. But I would like to say that in 90% of the meetings these paid girls prove better partner than your girlfriends or wives. These girls always claim to provide you the maximum pleasure and to fulfill all erotic fantasies. But you might end up sounding stupid and insensible if you ask them few very illogical and typical questions. Have a look at these questions we should never ask from from a hired girl.

Some stupid questions we should never ask from your escort

Do you often offer sex to your clients?

Those stupid guys ask this question, who thinks they are special. My dear friend, you are just a customer for her so never think that she will offer you something special.

Why are you in this profession?

Some guys from lower class or lower middle class thinks that hiring Mumbai escorts services is very bad for their image and reputation. But they hire girls to fulfill their carnal desire and this kind of guy asks this very stupid question to them.

How much you earn in a month or day?

This is very irritating, but often asked question from an independent escort working individually or for an agency. Dear friend, this is not your business as she is with you just to share some time and you are going to pay for that. Yeah, you can ask her about her cost for one, two or more hours.

These girls neither like introvert guys nor like a guy who asks a lot of question from them. So, if you are going to hire any sort of paid companionship, always try to be little conscious about what you are going to ask them. One more thing friend, why you are wasting time in stupid conversation, just go ahead and have a passionate encounter. All the best buddy.

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