Tip to become the favorite of your bed partner

In more than 70-80% relationships both partner thinks about whether their partner is satisfied or not. In 30-40% cases it causes the reason of depression and hence a number of problems in life and relationships. The way to avoid this situation is to share some intimate time in bed with your partner. But just having sex is not enough to avoid this situation; the encounter must be very passionate and satisfactory. Indulging of both partner of this is very mandatory so try to avoid this if one of you is not ready to encounter physically or mentally.

Tip to become the favorite of your bed partner

Here are the few tips to become the favorite of your bed partner whether this partner is your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or any sort of paid services like independent Mumbai escorts. You can make your encounter very special by following these tips and your partner will want more and more. If this thing will remain in a relationship; there will be no issue in that relation.

  1. Kisses in right places
  2. Be dirty when you talk
  3. Concentrate on feminine/ masculine assets of your partner

You may find yourself uncomfortable in talking dirty, but in last it helps a lot in making your encounter very crazy and passionate. One more thing if you are capable of keeping your partner satisfied in bed; your partner will never on you and hence you will always remain happy.

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